The obesity prone oocyte- causes, consequences, treatments [ 2014 - 2016 ]

Also known as: The obesity-prone egg

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Rebecca Robker (Principal investigator) ,  Prof John Carroll Prof Michelle Lane A/Pr Jeremy Thompson

Brief description Obesity is perpetuated from mothers to offspring, in part due to changes in the oocyte (egg) that affect embryo growth. We have discovered that obesity causes changes in the mitochondria (the energy producers) of the egg. We hypothesise this causes long-lasting changes to embryo metabolism and will test, in mice, novel treatments to reverse the detrimental effects. The project will show how obesity affects embryo metabolism and growth, and determine whether defects can be prevented by drugs or lifestyle changes.

Funding Amount $AUD 516,159.47

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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