Nunawading I (Road District 1857-1872; Shire 1872-1925)

Public Record Office Victoria
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This municipality was created a District on 7 August 1857 and proclaimed a Shire on 4 May 1872. On 26 May 1925 a portion was severed to create the Shire of Blackburn and Mitcham (VA 942). On 23 December 1925, the Shire was proclaimed as the Borough of Box Hill (VA 1012).

This is the first municipality to have carried the local name of Nunawading. A subsequent use of Nunawading was to identify a City constituted between 1945 and 1994 (VA 702).

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For records of this municipality see below and some entries in List of Holdings 2nd edition 1985, Section 10.45.0.
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141,-34 142.91934,-34.1456 144.58213,-35.65923 147.74263,-35.87318 150.02422,-37.52904 150.2,-39.2 141,-39.2 141,-34


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