Novel technology for enhanced coal seam gas production utilising mechanisms of stimulated cleat permeability through graded particle injection [ 2011 - 2014 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Bedrikovetski Prof Pavel; Prof Anthony J Roberts; A/Prof Andrei G Kotooussov; Prof Mark J Biggs; Prof Sheik S Rahman; Dr Yildiray Cinar; Dr Mark R Tingay; Dr Manouchehr Haghighi; A/Prof Phillip Pendleton; Dr John D Codrington; Mr Jose T Rodrigues; Mr Imra

Brief description This cross-disciplinary project will develop a new integrated technology for well productivity enhancement in coal seam gas, shale, tight gas and geothermal reservoirs - the world�s fastest growing unconventional clean energy resources. It will improve our understanding of the multi scale physics of natural gas and energy production.

Funding Amount $360,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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