Novel silver nanoparticle coatings for the prevention of infection of biomedical implants and devices [ 2010 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Hans Griesser (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Chi Ndi Dr Simon Pearce Dr Timothy Kuchel Prof Howard Morris
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Brief description This project targets infections associated with implants and biomedical devices such as catheters, pacemaker leads, knee and hip implants, by the development and evaluation of coatings delivering antibacterial silver ions. The novel coating method is more uniform and reproducible and can be applied to a wide range of biomedical implants and devices. The novel coatings will be tested for antimicrobial effectiveness and safety using cell and tissue culture methods and animal clinical studies.

Funding Amount $AUD 455,305.80

Funding Scheme NHMRC Development Grants

Notes Development Grant

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