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The New South Wales Meat Industry Authority was established by the Meat Industry Authority Act, 1970, which commenced on 1 June 1971,(1) with the exception of Part IV of the Act relating to Central Killing Areas. The Act was created in order to introduce a system of licensing in the industry, thus enabling the implementation of standards of hygiene and construction within abattoirs, slaughterhouses and holding yards. Licenses were issued when proposed sites had been inspected and an authorised inspector who had determined that the premises met the prescribed minimum standards, and an annual license fee had been paid to the Authority.(2) The Authority consisted of nine members, eight nominated by the Minister and one officer of the Department of Local Government, nominated by the Minister administering the Local Government Act, 1919. The functions of the Authority were broadened under the Meat Industry Act, 1978 (Act No.54, 1978) .(3) This Act provided for the constitution of the Authority as a Corporation consisting of eleven members. The functions of the Authority defined by the Act were to: (1) keep under review the construction and hygiene of and the plant and equipment in slaughtering places, meat processing plants, saleyards and transportation vehicles. (2) issue licenses in accordance with the Act (3) provide in cooperation with the department of Agriculture, a market intelligence service with respect to abattoir meat and animals (4) make recommendations to the Minister on meat inspection standards and the function of meat inspectors (5) make a report to the Minister within two years regarding the continued operation of the Board.(4) "In 1988, in line with Government policy, the Authority negotiated with Treasury to become independently funded. The Authority was recognised as a Commercial Service under the Classification of Government Services, with meat producers and processors being the "funding shareholders."(5) On 4 August 2000, the New South Wales Meat Industry Authority was dissolved and its functions and responsibilities were transferred to Safe Food Production NSW.(6) FOOTNOTES:
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