NESP MB Project E7 - Assessing the feasibility of restoring giant kelp beds in eastern Tasmania [ 2019-01-30 - 2021-01-30 ]

Research Project

Researchers: Johnson, Craig, Prof. (Principal investigator) ,  Johnson, Craig, Prof. (Principal investigator)

Full description This record provides an overview of the scope and research output of NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub project E7 - "Assessing the feasibility of restoring giant kelp beds in eastern Tasmania". For specific data outputs from this project, please see child records associated with this metadata. -------------------- This project will extend an externally funded project conducted through UTAS commencing in 2018 to select for thermally tolerant and low-nutrient-tolerant giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) genotypes, and to examine effects of acclimation of selected genotypes by pre-exposure to warm, nutrient-poor conditions. The proposed project will outplant pre-exposed selected genotypes of giant kelp as micro-sporophytes in an experiment with and without provision of an added source of nutrient. The work is designed to assess the feasibility of this approach as a means to develop minimum patch sizes for giant kelp that can be self-replacing and self-expanding, thus providing restoration and future climate-proofing options for this EPBC-listed marine community. Planned Outputs • Experimental data from macrocystis restoration • Final report

Data time period: 2019-01-30 to 2021-01-30

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147.53814697262,-43.115844726564 147.53814697262,-43.308105468751 147.37335205075,-43.308105468751 147.37335205075,-43.115844726564 147.53814697262,-43.115844726564


147.26074218754,-43.258666992188 147.26074218754,-43.566284179688 146.99157714848,-43.566284179688 146.99157714848,-43.258666992188 147.26074218754,-43.258666992188


148,-43.1 148,-43.15 147.9,-43.15 147.9,-43.1 148,-43.1


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Attribution 4.0 International

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