NESP ESCC 5.1 ACCESS evaluation and application

Brief description Australia’s national climate model (ACCESS) has been developed to provide us with a global climate and Earth system modelling capability, uniquely focusing on Australia and the Southern Hemisphere. This is important because most other global climate models are developed by Northern Hemisphere countries with a main focus on their own regions. ACCESS can also be used for various climate applications, including estimating the individual and combined effects of different external forcings (i.e. changes in greenhouse gas concentrations and land use) on past, present and future climate variations. In this project, different versions of ACCESS will be used to estimate the climate change signals associated with greenhouse gas and land use changes using ensemble simulations. The ACCESS simulations, combined with multi-decadal simulations from a higher-resolution ACCESS atmospheric model, will directly support other Hub projects under RPV5 by providing means to reduce the effect of internal climate variability to improve climate change estimates.

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