Neourobiology of human epilepsy: genes, cellular mechanisms,network and whole brain [ 2010 - 2015 ]

Also known as: Epilepsy: a patient to bench back to patient program about understanding the causes of seizure disorders

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Samuel Berkovic (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Fernando Calamante Prof Alan Connelly A/Pr Leanne Dibbens Prof David Reutens
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Brief description The team is comprised of neurologists, molecular geneticists, physiologists and brain imaging specialists and leads the world in the discovery of the genetic causes of epilepsy. They will continue to identify genes underlying epilepsy and study how genetic variations result in development of seizures. Advanced brain imaging will be used to understand the effects of genetic variation on brain structure and function. This study may lead to new diagnostic methods and treatments for epilepsy.

Funding Amount $AUD 17,652,823.96

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Notes Program Grant

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