National Survey of Adult Oral Health [ 2004 - 2006 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Gary Slade (Principal investigator) ,  Prof A. John Spencer

Brief description The National Survey of Adult Oral Health will interview and dentally examine 7,500 people aged 15 or more across all States and Territories of Australia. It will provide a national snap-shot of the nation's oral health, including levels of tooth loss, dental decay and gum disease. The survey, to be conducted in 2004-04, will be directed by researchers at the Australian Research Center for Population Oral Health at The University of Adelaide. It will be conducted in collaboration with the Commonwealth and State-Territory health departments. Occurring 17 years after the first National Oral Health Survey of Australia, this new survey will monitor changes in oral health among all Australians. The survey will identify groups at particular disadvantage in terms of oral diseases, and it will search for lifestyle and community-level hazards that increase the risk of oral disorders. The study will have a compare patterns of dental health among people born before and after the fluoride generation of adults born in the 1960s when most of Australia's capital city water supplies became fluoridated. The study has been designed to automatically capture national statistics on general health among the 7,500 study participants over the next decade. The researchers will use that information to study links that have been observed in other countries between gum disease and heart disease. Results from the survey will provide the basis for monitoring progress towards national health targets and provide information to help direct dental health services into the 21st century.

Funding Amount $AUD 690,750.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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