National Research Partnership to Improve Primary health Care Performance and outcomes for Indigenous Peoples [ 2010 - 2015 ]

Also known as: Indigenous Primary Care Quality Improvement Partnership

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Ross Bailie (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Patricia Nagel Dr Kevin Rowley A/Pr David Scrimgeour Dr Damin Si
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Brief description This Partnership will 1) investigate the variation in the quality of care in Aboriginal primary health care services in participating jurisdictions; 2) explore the factors which underlie variation in quality of care; 3) examine strategies that have been useful in improving the quality of care; and 4) use the findings from 2 and 3 above to support efforts to strengthen the quality of primary care at a local, regional and national level with a view to improving the health of Indigenous Australians

Funding Amount $AUD 1,625,617.80

Funding Scheme NHMRC Partnerships

Notes Partnership Project for Better Health

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