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In 1985 the Museum of Australia changed its name to National Museum of Australia. Works by these bodies are found under the name used at the time of publication.
The National Museum of Australia was established in November 1980, under the National Museum of Australia Act, 1980. From their Web site, January 2002: "The National Museum of Australia is a statutory body within the Communications, Information technology and the Arts portfolio. The Director of the National Museum reports to the Council of the National Museum and is responsible to the Minister for Communications, Information technology and the Arts for the overall management of the museum and its programs."

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Opened in March 2001, the National Museum is the first in the country devoted to the stories of Australia and Australians, exploring the key issues, events and people that have shaped and influenced our nation.
The Museum brings together the richly diverse stories of Australia's land, nation and people, and has developed an international reputation for innovative exhibitions.
The collection has everything from a carcass of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger to Australia's largest collection of bark paintings, Greg Chappel's cricket cap and Captain Cook's magnifier.
Enjoy the Museum's rotating theatre Circa, or create a city of the future and see it come to life at our 3D theatre - Kspace.
With hands-on displays, guided tours, exhibitions and events for the family, waterfront dining, a magnificent shop and more. Best of all, general admission is free!
More than 200,000 objects. There are four permanent exhibitions: Eternity: Stories from the Emotional Heart of Australia, Old New Land: Australia's People and Environment, Gallery of First Australians and Australian Journeys. The Nation gallery has now closed making way for an exciting new permanent gallery - Landmarks: People and Places across Australia.

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