National Environmental Research Program Tropical Ecosystems (NERP TE) Hub - Funding Program 2011 - 2014 (Dept. Environment)

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Brief description This metadata is a brief overview of the National Environmental Research Program Tropical Ecosystems (NERP TE) Hub and a metadata parent record for all datasets and projects developed as part of this research program. The National Environmental Research Program (NERP) ran from July 2011 through to Dec 2014 and provided around $20 million each year for environmental research to improve our capacity to understand, manage and conserve Australia's unique biodiversity and ecosystems through the generation of world-class research, and its delivery to Australian environmental decision-makers and other stakeholders. The Tropical Ecosystems Hub was the largest of the five NERP Hubs with 240 scientists from five major research institutions undertaking 38 projects across North and Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait. Research addressed critical issues for management, conservation and sustainable use of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and its catchments, tropical rainforests including the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, and land and sea assets on which the resilient communities in the Torres Strait depend. The TE Hub also undertook a dedicated knowledge brokering and communication and engagement program to ensure information was delivered to the right people in the right way through research-user engagement and our suite of communication products and reporting tools. The NERP built on lessons learned from the Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility (MTSRF) which concluded in 2010. The successor to the NERP is the National Environmental Science Program (NESP). Research products from the NERP TE Hub are available from the website and the eAtlas.

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(eAtlas website (NERP TE research outputs and data))

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(NERP tropical hub website (project reports and news))

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(NERP Department of Environment website (program documents))

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(Interactive map showing the areas being study by projects in this program)

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(NERP TE Project Maps - study areas, tracks and sites (NERP TE 13.1, AIMS))

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