A multi-modal investigation of current and proposed structures and processes determining and sustaining quality in Australian centre-based child care [ 2008 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr LJ Harrison; Ms F Press; Prof J Sumsion; Prof JM Bowes; Ms M Fenech

Brief description Access to good quality government-regulated child care is a national policy direction, underpinned by Australia's quality assurance and accreditation mechanisms, and based on evidence that high quality care positively affects children's developmental wellbeing. Of concern is that care of poorer quality is linked with adverse outcomes, especially for more vulnerable children. The effective provision of high quality care requires a thorough understanding of the structures and processes that contribute to and sustain quality outcomes. The results of this study will provide invaluable information to guide the decisions of policy makers and service providers in determining new directions in child care quality assurance.

Funding Amount $257,196

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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