MOSAIC: a GP cluster randomised trial to reduce partner violence among pregnant women and women with pre-school children [ 2004 - 2006 ]

Also known as: The MOSAIC (Mothers' Advocates In the Community) partner violence intervention trial

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Angela Taft (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Judith Lumley Prof Kelsey Hegarty Prof Rhonda Small

Brief description Intimate partner abuse or domestic violence is common and damaging for women in the early childbearing years. It has a negative effect on the mental and physical health of women and their children. Because of poor health, victimised women and children are frequent attenders to family doctors (GPs), but doctors face many barriers in making an effective response. One of these barriers is the critical absence of evidence for what would help women attending GPs in dealing with partner abuse. This is vital to inform both GP training and clinical practice. There is sound evidence that home visiting or support by peers improves the health of disadvantaged mothers and children. Similarly, advocacy improves the health and wellbeing of abused women. The MOSAIC community intervention trial combines these two elements: home visiting-peer support and domestic violence advocacy and this strategy will be evaluated in a randomised trial. The trial aims to reduce partner abuse and depression among women pregnant or with children under 5 attending GPs. It also aims to strengthen mother-child bonds. Trained and supported GPs from 40 participating practices will identify 700 abused or at risk women over a 40 week period. Women in the intervention arm of the trial, identified as abused or at risk by their GPs will be offered the support of trained para-professional 'mentor mothers' for up to a year, while the comparison arm will be offered standard GP care. Recent funding allows a pilot study of mentor mother recruitment and training to be undertaken in 2003. The study will strengthen GP support for this difficult issue and build a 'critical mass' of GPs interested in partner abuse management in the 5 participating divisions. The MOSAIC study will assess the value to GPs and women of an enhanced support system for victims' care and provide much needed evidence of an intervention embedded in general practice to reduce partner abuse of pregnant women and women with young children.

Funding Amount $AUD 432,250.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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