Mordialloc (Town 1923-1926; City 1926-1994)

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The Town of Mentone and Mordialloc officially became known as the Town of Mordialloc by an Order-in-Council dated 24 April, 1923. This name change was also the result of a petition to the Governor-in-Council by ratepayers in accordance with sections 16 and 36 of the Local Government Act 1915. The Town of Mordialloc was declared a City by Order-in-Council on 27 April, 1926 in accordance with section 16 and 36 of the Local Government Act 1915. Notification of this appeared in the Victorian Government Gazette on the 5 May, 1926.

This council was abolished by Order-in-Council on the 15 December, 1994 as part of a state-wide program of local government reform enacted between 1993 and 1995. The reform process reduced the number of councils from 210 to 78 under the Local Government Act 1989. Kingston City Council has been appointed as the successor in law of the City of Mordialloc and has assumed its rights, assets and liabilities. The Beaumaris district of the City of Mordialloc was severed and annexed to Bayside City (VA 3673) at this time.

Data time period: [1920 TO 1994]

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