Molecular fossils, the evolution of Earth's early oceans and the origin of the oldest oil [ 2010 - 2014 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr JJ Brocks; Dr NJ Butterfield

Brief description Australia retains undiscovered oil reserves. We believe that a change in primitive marine life forms may have fundamentally changed the chemistry of the Earth's oceans and is responsible for the world's oldest oil reserves. While these reserves have been found, and successfully commercialised, overseas, similar reservoirs in Australia remain elusive. The project will develop and apply technologies based on hydrocarbon biomarkers to help determine the oil-producing rock types of Precambrian sedimentary rocks. This allows us to estimate the oil's age and predict where petroleum reservoirs may be hidden. PhD students involved in the project will gain valuable knowledge about the link between changes in ecology and the carbon cycle.

Funding Amount $655,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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