Molecular determinants of risk, progression and treatement response in melenoma [ 2011 - 2015 ]

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Researchers: Prof Richard Kefford (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Graham Mann Prof John Thompson Prof Nicholas Hayward Prof Peter Hersey
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Brief description Melanoma is a major Australian health problem. It is the third most common cancer in men and women and has a disproportionately heavy impact on productive years of life because it is the common cause of cancer death in younger adults. The investigators are all associated with the Melanoma Institute Australia, incorporating the Sydney Melanoma Unit (SMU). MIA is the world’s largest clinical service dedicated to the treatment of melanoma, treating >1500 new melanoma patients annually and maintains a repository of clinical data on melanoma and a large melanoma tissue bank. The Program has also recruited large numbers of people from the community, as well as people with a strong family history of melanoma, in order to study its causes. It aims to utilise these internationally-recognised resources to develop a scientific basis for 1) improved management of individuals at high risk for development and progression of melanoma, and 2) improved treatment of patients with early and disseminated melanoma, in an era of rapid change in the prospects of successfully treating this dangerous cancer. The Program will do this by consolidating and extending its existing collaborative research, supported by NHMRC since 2006.

Funding Amount $AUD 12,947,192.77

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