Molecular determinants of risk, progression and treatment response in melanoma [ 2006 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Richard Kefford (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Graham Mann Prof John Thompson Prof Peter Hersey Prof Richard Scolyer

Brief description Melanoma is a major Australian health problem. NSW figures for 2002 show it to be the second most common cancer in men and women. It has a disproportionately heavy impact on productive years of the life of young Australians because it is the commonest cancer in those aged 15-45 years. The investigators are all associated with the Sydney Melanoma Unit (SMU), the world�s largest clinical service dedicated to the treatment of melanoma, treating >1200 new melanoma patients annually. We have also recruited large cohorts of individuals with high susceptibility to melanoma, both familial and population-based, throughout southeastern Australia. We aim to utilise these unique, internationally-recognised resources to develop a scientific basis for 1) improved management of individuals at high risk for development and progression of melanoma, and 2) improved treatment of patients with early and disseminated melanoma. We will base this on consolidation of existing collaborative research into molecular predictors of risk, progression and treatment response in melanoma.

Funding Amount $AUD 8,381,820.23

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