Molecular and cellular basis of inflammatory and immunodeficiency diseases [ 2012 - 2016 ]

Also known as: Uncovering the basis of inflammatory and immunodeficiency diseases

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Christopher Goodnow (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Fabienne Mackay Prof Charles Mackay Prof Jonathan Sprent Prof Carola Vinuesa
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Brief description A world-class team from 3 institutions, spanning disciplines of clinical and experimental immunology, therapeutics, signalling and genetics, will identify how immune and inflammatory responses are controlled in both health and disease. The major outcomes of this work will be the generation of new knowledge, concepts and approaches to diagnose, prevent and treat the major human health problems of autoimmune diseases, inflammation, allergy and immunodeficiency.

Funding Amount $AUD 16,845,645.94

Funding Scheme Program Grants

Notes Program Grant

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