Modelling the capillary entrapment phenomena and integrity of geological reservoirs for clean energy, water and waste management technologies [ 2010 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof P Bedrikovetsky; Dr Y Cinar; Dr AG Kotooussov; A/Prof A Shapiro; Prof Dr A Polyanin; Prof EH Stenby

Brief description This project will improve our understanding of non-linear flow and fracture phenomena in porous media which is prerequisite for the development of new emerging technologies targeting the reduction of the greenhouse gas emission and development of effective waste and water management solutions including coal gasification, in-situ storage of natural and non-hydrocarbon gases, underground disposal of hazardous wastes and vadose zone remediation. The project will result in a dramatic improvement of the predictive tools for traditional ground water management, irrigation and petroleum recovery applications. It has the strength to place Australia in the forefront of these technologies.

Funding Amount $310,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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