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The Ministry for Police and Emergency Services was established in July 1979 and assumed a co-ordinating and policy development role in relation to the police and emergency services functions of the Chief Secretary's Department (VA 475).

Following significant machinery of government changes after the election of the first Kennett Government in October 1992, the Ministry for Police and Emergency Services was abolished. Under Administrative Arrangements Order No.114 the Department of Justice assumed responsibility for functions of the Ministry.

Functions included:

law enforcement and policing in Victoria (including motor registration to 1981)
planning, organising, co-ordinating and implementing measures designed to guard against or minimise the effects of emergencies harmful to life, health or property
the prevention and suppression of fires in the Melbourne metropolitan area and in the country areas of Victoria
co-ordinating arrangements where interaction between police, emergency and fire-fighting services is necessary
traffic management and road safety (to 1981)
registration of agents.

A number of major statutory authorities have had operational responsibility for these functions, including the Victoria Police Force (VA 724), the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (VA 483), Country Fire Authority (VA 482), Victoria State Emergency Service, and Road Safety and Traffic Authority (VA 487).
Responsibilities for the co-ordination of traffic management, road safety, motor registration and driver licensing passed to the Ministry of Transport (VA 673) in 1981.

Community Council Against Violence

The Community Council Against Violence was established in 1989 to provide advice to the Government about violence in the community. As part of machinery of government changes announced in January 1991 responsibility for the Council passed to the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (VA 1039).

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