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Mediso NanoPET-CT Small Animal Imaging System

Also known as: Mediso NanoPET-CT
Monash University
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Users need to complete a Project Application form, providing details of project name, Chief Investigator, fund numbers and other details. All projects require a current approved Monash University ethics application. Users should note requirement for radiation safety training and individual user radiation licence (Dept of Health) before use of radiopharmaceuticals can commence.

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Street Address:
Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Alfred Medical Research & Education Precinct (AMREP)
75 Commercial Road
Ph: 03 8532 1111

Full description

Mediso NanoPET-CT Small Animal Imaging System

Small animal PET/CT system manufactured by Mediso

Technical details:

  • Single Axial FOV 10 cm
  • Number of rings 2
  • Transaxial FOV 12 cm
  • Gantry opening 16 cm
  • Crystal size 1.12x1.12x13 mm
  • Total number of crystals 36 504
  • Spatial Resolution with 3D OSEM 0.7 m


The Mediso NanoPET/CT provides a high-precision gantry for exact alignment of PET/CT data. The gantry bore opening is 16 cm and accommodates imaging of mice, rats and rabbits with interchangeable beds and radiation shields. Mediso's gating package (respiratory & cardiac/ECG) is available for optimal image quality. A complete 360° PET detector ring consisting of 12 modules provides the ultra high resolution and sensitivity, with the reconstructed resolution in the centre of the field of view being less than 1.0 mm.

Image reconstruction is achieved with a fast, iterative and 3D real / post Tera-Tomo™ PET engine using 3D OSEM (Ordered Subset Expectation Maximization) protocols. PET and/or CT scanning can extend up to 300 mm in the axial direction by automated translation of the bed for whole body imaging, with a transaxial range of 45-125 mm. Real time reconstruction of CT data can achieve voxel sizes in the range of 13-37 micron. TM is available for image visualisation, quantification and analysis, including co-registration of PET with CT volumes.Low dose CT protocols (

Imaging chambers provide integrated animal support, with gas anaesthesia, controlled heating and probes for intravenous injection.

Open access system with a one-step animal loading procedure and single motion PET and CT acquisition to enable automatic fusion of PET and CT images

Integrated preclinical animal handling system including plug-in animal beds with remote transfer of gas anesthesia, temperature controlled environment, repeatable positioning of the animal model mages with higher resolution in comparison with clinical MRI. It can be used for brain, abdominal, cardiovascular, muscular and articular, as well as dynamic molecular imaging.

How do I get access?

Instrument bookings

Bookings are made via ARIN, as per standard MBI protocol.

Users need to liaise with Adrian Quintarelli (Baker IDI OHS General Manager) to obtain keys to the scanner, animal holding and radiopharmacy rooms, and regarding AMREP-specific training/OHS requirements.

Please contact Adrian at

Users should note requirement for radiation safety training and individual user radiation licence (Dept of Health) before use of radiopharmaceuticals can commence.

Booking an instrument on ARIN

We create an ARIN account for all current MBI users. However, if you do not have an account please contact us and we will create one for you. (Note if you already have an ARIN account in use for another facility you do not need to create a new one, but we need to give you MBI access).

Click here to download instructions or

  1. Click here to go to MBI bookings on ARIN and log in using your ARIN username.
  2. Select Monash University (Institution), and Monash Biomedical Imaging (Facility).
  3. Select your MBI project (Project) and the Chief Investigator (if there is more than one). The funding source should automatically populate.
  4. Choose an instrument (Instruments) and the type of booking you require (Assistance level) - this will normally be assisted or unassisted.
  5. Select the appropriate time and date.
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select 'make reservation'

HINT: Before "making a reservation" save the booking as a "favourite". Then when you come to make another booking for the same project choose "Dashboard" on the left side menu and choose the name of your "favourite" and click on the magnifying glass. The details will automatically populate. You can then change the time and date for your booking.

Please contact the MBI Manager at or ph: 03 9905 0100 if you require further assistance accessing the facilities.

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