Mechanisms in Apoptosis and Tumorigenesis [ 2003 - 2006 ]

Also known as: How cell death is controlled, influences normal development and contributes to cancer and other diseases

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Researchers: Prof Jerry Adams (Principal investigator) ,  Alan Harris Dr Philippe Bouillet Prof Andreas Strasser Prof David Huang
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Brief description To study the genetic alterations that give rise to cancer. In particular, exploring how too little death of cells can lead to a tumour. If too few cells in a tissue die, a tumour may develop there. The team is exploring how the cell death process is normally controlled. They plan to characterise the molecules inside cells that determine whether a cell lives or dies and hope that better understanding of those molecules will help to explain how tumours arise. It could also lead to new drugs that can kill tumour cells more effectively by directly triggering the normal death switch of the cell.

Funding Amount $AUD 11,113,448.20

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