Maritime Legal Practice and Policy in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific: Synergies and Challenges for Australian Trade and Security [ 2006 - 2010 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr CH Schofield; Prof SB Kaye; Prof BM Tsamenyi

Brief description Analysis of maritime legal practice in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific will bolster Australia's national maritime policy-making and regional capacity to address key maritime concerns, leading to enhanced sustainable management of the ocean environment and its resources, economic security, maritime enforcement and security for trade and shipping. This will deliver profound political, economic and security benefits to the countries concerned. The research will help to safeguard Australia's vital maritime interests as well as those of our maritime neighbours and therefore impact directly on Australia's economic security and prosperity, the protection and preservation of the marine environment and thus the well being of its society.

Funding Amount $660,970

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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