Long-lived CD8 T cell responses induced by a recombinant cytomegalovirus vector [ 2003 - 2005 ]

Also known as: Long-lived T cell responses induced by a viral vector

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Geoffrey Shellam (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Malcom Lawson A/Pr Anthony Scalzo Dr Valentina Voigt

Brief description The priming of the immune system to protect against infection and disease is an important means to alleviate these conditions. Current vaccination technologies often rely on multiple inoculations (prime-boosting). In addition, specific priming of the immune system against pathogens that target mucosal sites has been difficult and often lacks efficacy resulting in temporary or variable protection. Using a well developed mouse model for a common human virus, we have explored the potential of this agent as a vaccine agent, making use of its long term persistence in the infected host to provide continued antigenic stimulation of the immune system. We have found that very strong and long lasting responses can be elicited after a single inoculation of avirulent virus. In this study, this effect will be further explored and developed.

Funding Amount $AUD 234,750.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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