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Researchers: Barrett, Neville (Chief Investigator) ,  Barrett, Neville (Chief Investigator) ,  Barrett, Neville (Chief Investigator) ,  Barrett, Neville, Dr (Chief Investigator) ,  Barrett, Neville, Dr (Chief Investigator)
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Brief description Improving prediction of rocky reef ecosystem responses to human impacts. This project aims to improve our understanding of inshore ecosystems to facilitate better management of our living marine heritage. The project first aims to extend field datasets on the density and distribution of thousands of marine fishes, invertebrates and macro-algae. These will then be combined using recent advances in quantitative ecological modelling to describe transfer of biomass between species at hundreds of sites, with a primary focus on southern Australia. It is anticipated that this will provide site-level indices of major food web processes that, when combined with ‘before, after, control, impact’ data, will improve prediction of ecological consequences of fishing, climate change, pest outbreaks and pollution.

Funding Amount $900,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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