Linkage Projects - Grant ID: LP130100741 [ 2013 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Enzo Lombi; Dr Peter Kopittke; Prof Jan Schjoerring; Prof Terence Turney;

Brief description Australia is heavily affected by soil zinc deficiency; a global-scale issue which limits crop production and food quality. Foliar fertilisation shows promise as a strategy to overcome Zn deficiency but the physiological mechanisms controlling foliar uptake are incompletely understood, and current fertiliser formulations have thus not been optimised to exploit these mechanisms. By combining insights from advanced spectroscopic and isotopic techniques with nanomaterial design, this project will develop a new class of physiologically-based nanoscale fertilisers with enhanced efficiency. Potential environmental impacts of nanofertilisers will also be assessed, thereby preventing the delay between nanoproduct development and risk assessment.

Funding Amount 241604

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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