Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities - Grant ID: LE170100217 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof David McClelland; A/Prof Peter Veitch; Prof Daniel Shaddock; A/Prof David Ottaway; Dr Bram Slagmolen; Dr Robert Ward; Dr David Reitze; Dr Albert Lazzarini

Brief description This project aims to improve the sensitivity of the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (aLIGO). aLIGO’s detection of gravitational waves proved general relativity in the strong field limit and the existence of black hole binary systems. The increased sensitivity will enable daily detections and new classes of events, opening the field of gravitational wave astronomy. Since telescopes can detect only 5% of the stuff in the universe, this is expected to greatly improve understanding of the universe. This Australian partnership will put its physicists and astronomers at the vanguard of this field and inspire the next generation to study the physical sciences.

Funding Amount $850,000

Funding Scheme Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities

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