The Kaurareg Archaeological Project, south-Western Torres Strait, Australia [ 2009 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr LM Brady

Brief description This project will be used to foster a greater awareness of the history of Aboriginal occupation in the Torres Strait islands, as well as furthering our understanding of past and present relationships between groups in Torres Strait, Cape York and Papua New Guinea. The research seeks to understand the southern-most limits of early Papuan influences into the Torres Strait islands and investigate the notion of a distinctive Aboriginal signature in the archaeological record from the Kaurareg Archipelago (south-Western Torres Strait islands). This project will also record contemporary perspectives from the traditional owners of the Kaurareg Archipelago (the Kaurareg Aboriginal community) to better understand interregional relationships today.

Funding Amount $378,943

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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