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University of New South Wales, 2010

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Access is restricted to those with an active UNSW ID who have had a Katana account created. The Katana login nodes and the Katana Data Mover (KDM) have no network restrictions in place. Use of Katana on Demand ( is restricted to on campus or via the UNSW VPN.

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University of New South Wales

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Katana is a shared computational cluster located on campus at UNSW that has been designed to provide easy access to computational resources for groups working with non-sensitive data. With over 4000 CPU cores spread over a large number of compute nodes each with up to 1Tb of memory, Katana provides a flexible compute environment where users can run jobs that wouldn't be possible or practical on their desktop or laptop.




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PVC (Research Infrastructure), UNSW Sydney


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PVC (Research Infrastructure), UNSW Sydney

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