Jorge Álvarez-Romero

Also known as: Jorge Álvarez-Romero, Jorge G. Álvarez-Romero, J.G. Alvarez-Romero, Jorge Alvarez Romero, Jorge Alvarez-Romero, Jorge G. Alvarez Romero, Jorge G. Alvarez-Romero, Jorge Álvarez Romero, Jorge Gabriel Alvarez-Romero, Jorge Gabriel Alvarez-Romero
National Library of Australia
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Brief description

I'm interested in advancing systematic conservation planning theory and practice through the integration of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine conservation planning. My research explores theoretical and methodological aspects of decision-making problems associated with an integrated land-sea planning approach. For example, cost-effective mitigation of cross-system threats (e.g. land-based pollution affecting marine and freshwater ecosystems), identifying co-benefits and trade-offs associated with different land/water uses and management decisions (e.g. spatial congruence between local and downstream land values), and improving collaboration among stakeholders with diverse (and sometimes conflicting) objectives across the land-sea interface. My current research includes participatory scenario planning to inform integrated catchment management, studying collaboration networks supporting planning for land-water use and management, and designing marine reserve networks considering ecological connectivity and the effects of global warming.
Mr Jorge Alvarez-Romero
Dr Jorge Alvarez-Romero

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