Joint Historical and Archaeological Survey, ANZAC Battlefield, Gallipoli, Turkey

Research Project

Full description The Joint Historical and Archaeological Survey of the ANZAC Battlefield is a collaborative project involving several Australian, Turkish and New Zealand institutions funded by the Federal Department of Veterans' Affairs as lead in to the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign in April 2015. The joint survey has four main goals, the cumulative results of which are intended to broaden knowledge of the 1915 campaign and understanding of the Battlefield site. Firstly, to identify and record features still visible on the landscape, including trench systems, pathways, encampments, cemeteries and monuments. Future work will include attempts to identify and locate sites which are no longer immediately visible, such as tunnel features and in-filled trenches, using a variety of non-invasive, sub-surface prospection techniques. Secondly, to identify and record surface material culture from the 1915 campaign. Thirdly, to identify the location of cemeteries and memorials in relation to the various battlegrounds and, finally, to examine the location of significant 1915 sites in relation to modern features, such as roads and memorials. .

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