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Researchers: E/Pr Lawrie Powell (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Grant Ramm Prof Gregory Anderson Prof V. Nathan Subramaniam

Brief description The Chief Investigators have worked as a team for 20 years as part of a successful NHMRC Program Grant that was renewed on three successive occasions and subsequently under a NHMRC Block Grant to QIMR. Their combined expertise covers the whole spectrum from the bedside to the bench with respect to clinical studies and fundamental molecular studies of iron homeostasis. The common theme of iron homeostasis and iron overload pervades virtually all the research of the team. The team�s research has led to fundamental observations of iron regulation and homeostasis and the development of guidelines for the management of, and screening for, haemochromatosis, recognized as the most common inherited disorder of Caucasian populations. The proposed research encompasses molecular studies aimed at deciphering the mechanisms of iron absorption and transport; how these processes are regulated; and clinical studies on patients diagnosed with haemochromatosis. The findings are particularly pertinent to the diagnosis, management and prevention of clinical haemochromatosis.

Funding Amount $AUD 3,285,318.63

Funding Scheme Programs

Notes Program Grant

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