Intergenerational transmission of gender-specific metabolic disease for offspring born small: maternal, paternal and embryonic roles [ 2013 - 2015 ]

Also known as: Roles of the mother, father and embryo in the transmission of metabolic disease to the next generation for offspring born small

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Mary Wlodek (Principal investigator) ,  Prof David Gardner

Brief description This proposal addresses the underlying metabolic health consequences of poor embryo and growth of the baby across generations. We will define mechanisms by which a poor functioning placenta during a rat mother’s pregnancy programs her offspring born small to transmit gender-specific diseases to the next generation. We will identify mechanistic pathways involved, specifically the relative contributions of maternal and paternal germ lines and adverse maternal adaptations to pregnancy for females born small.

Funding Amount $AUD 689,050.78

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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