INTERACT Expansion: Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction in Acute Cerebral Haemorrhage Trial [ 2011 - 2013 ]

Also known as: INTERACT Clinical Trial

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Richard Lindley (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Christian Stapf Prof Hisatomi Arima Prof Jiguang Wang Prof Mark Parsons

Brief description This Australian-led, investigator initiated and conducted study, is the first and only large scale clinical trial designed to assess the balance of potential benefits and risks of early rapid blood pressure lowering in intracerebral haemorrhage stroke, a disease in which there is still no convincing evidence of benefit from any medical treatment, where the role of surgery remains controversial, and from which the chances of surviving has failed to improve in recent decades.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,183,605.56

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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