Integrating conventional mesothelioma therapies with immuno- and gene-therapies [ 2007 - 2009 ]

Also known as: Combination therapy for mesothelioma

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Bruce Robinson (Principal investigator) ,  Bernadette Scott Dr Andrew Currie Dr Robbert Van Der Most Prof Anna Nowak
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Brief description Asbestos-induces cancers are some of the most aggressive cancers know to medicine. Unfortunately, treatments are not very effective and it is unusual for these cancers to be cured, particularly mesothelioma. Because recent scientific studies have suggested that combinations of therapy which include immunotherapy, ie treatments aimed at stimulating the bodies anti-cancer immune responses to attack the cancer, can be effective, we plan to develop this work in order to determine exactly which combinations are likely to be the most effective and therefore the most suitable for clinical trial in patients.

Funding Amount $AUD 804,916.44

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes Asbestos diseases related research grants

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