Initiating Dialysis Early and Late Trial [ 2007 - 2009 ]

Also known as: IDEAL Trial

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Carol Pollock (Principal investigator) ,  Bruce Cooper Prof David Harris

Brief description This Study aims to answer the question: When is the best time for adults with kidney disease to start dialysis? This question is currently a subject of intense international debate. It has been suggested that patients who commence dialysis relatively early, when they still have a high level of remaining kidney function, have fewer complications, maintain a better level of function in the community and are less likely to die as a result of their kidney disease. However, this has not been determined in a rigorous scientific manner. In fact starting dialysis earlier may expose the person to the risks associated with the use of dialysis and may also impact on their quality of life. Many international kidney societies have formulated guidelines recommending that dialysis should be commenced early - when the remaining kidney function drops to a level of approximately 10-15% of normal kidney function. Recent practice in Australia and New Zealand has been to commence dialysis when the remaining kidney function is between 6 and 9% of normal. Hence, the adoption of these guidelines recommending an earlier dialysis start time will have a significant impact on health costs; therefore a net benefit to the patient and the community, needs to be demonstrated. To answer this important question, we have designed and instituted a multi-center trial, that was commenced in 2000. The trial has been scientifically designed (randomised controlled trial) to compare the effect of early start dialysis (remaining kidney function between 10-14%) versus late start dialysis (remaining kidney function between 5-7%) on survival, disease and dialysis complications and subsequent hospitalization. To date 748 of the required 800 patients have been entered into the trial and will be followed for a minimum of 3 years. We are confident the results of this trial will impact at a local, national and international level, delineating best practice management of dialysis in people with kidney failure.

Funding Amount $AUD 690,152.55

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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