Industrial Transformation Training Centres - Grant ID: IC150100023 [ 2015 - 2018 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Priyan Mendis; Dr Tuan Ngo; Prof Kim Rasmussen; A/Prof Gianluca Ranzi; A/Prof Mathew Aitchison; Prof Peter Newman; Prof Hong Hao; Prof Xiao-Ling Zhao; Prof Chris Manzie; Prof Greg Qiao; A/Prof Lu Aye; A/Prof Colin Duffield; A/Prof Prakash Singh; Dr Yu Bai; Dr Robert Crawford; A/Prof Masa Noguchi; Dr Francesco Fiorito; Mr Jose Alfano; Mr Robert Colquhoun; Mr Jim Liaskos; Mr Damien Crough; Mr David Pidcock; Dr Miro Miletic; Mr Nicolas Perren; Adj/Prof Richard Kirk; Mr John Zendler

Brief description ARC Training Centre for Advanced Manufacturing of Prefabricated Housing. This training centre aims to unlock the potential for growth of Australia’s prefabricated building industry by creating a sustainable training ecosystem including both industry and universities. It seeks to enable the next generation of engineers and architects to apply advanced manufacturing principles to prefabricated modular buildings. This emerging highly trained workforce, driven by the needs of the customer, should identify innovations in the use of advanced materials, designs for manufacturing, and assembly. The centre aims to secure a competitive advantage for Australia in the global value chain leading to local employment growth and increased exports of prefabricated products and services.

Funding Amount $4,000,000

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Training Centres

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