Industrial Transformation Training Centres - Grant ID: IC150100019 [ 2015 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Eric May; Prof Michael Johns; Prof Vishnu Pareek; Prof Moses Tade; Asst Prof Zachary Aman; Asst Prof GANG LI; Dr Jin Shang; Dr Thomas Rufford; Dr James Anstie; Mr Andrew Titley; Mr Thor Frette; Dr Paul Pickering; Mr Nino Fogliani; Dr Gyungnam Jo; Mr Heemoon Chae; Dr DONG XU; Mr Matthew Marinovich; Mrs Himanshu Goel; Prof Brent Young; A/Prof Yutaek Seo; Dr Liying Liu

Brief description This training centre aims to deliver projects and training to enable future Australian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production from reserves in deep water, at small or remote on-shore locations, with greater efficiency, less environmental impact, and at lower cost than currently possible. This should be accomplished via research projects undertaken by the PhD students and research fellows with guidance from the centre’s industrial partners. The centre’s expected legacy is a unique research and training facility, designed for future integration into a microscale LNG plant. The anticipated research and training outcomes will help to ensure Australia plays a leading role in future global LNG developments.

Funding Amount $4,571,797

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Training Centres

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