Industrial Transformation Training Centres - Grant ID: IC130100009 [ 2013 - 2015 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Paul Haynes; Prof Nicolle Packer; Prof Helena Nevalainen; Prof Ian Paulsen; A/Prof Robert Willows; Prof David Raftos; A/Prof Mark Molloy; Dr Valentino Te'o; A/Prof Brian Atwell; Dr Wayne O'Connor; Dr Kenneth Quail; Dr Graham Hobba; Dr Malcolm Ball;

Brief description (A molecular technology platform for enabling the next revolution in the food industry) We will modernise the food industry by bringing state-of-the-art molecular analytical technologies into the mainstream of the food supply chain. The team of investigators in the Centre are experts in analysis of genes, proteins and carbohydrates. These technologies have a crucial role in enhancing productivity, processing and development of new products to meet the ever increasing demand for high-quality foodstuffs. This Centre will provide world class postgraduate research training of the next generation of scientists who will shape the future of food production in Australia. Our established collaborations with a network of industrial partners will enable us to translate the research project outcomes into practical industry solutions.

Funding Amount $2,100,000

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Training Centres

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