Industrial Transformation Research Hubs - Grant ID: IH150100006 [ 2015 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Wenhui Duan; Prof Sritawat Kitipornchai; Prof Aibing Yu; Prof Priyan Mendis; Prof Vute Sirivivatnanon; Prof Sujeeva Setunge; Dr Chao Chen; Prof Qipeng Guo; Prof Bijan Samali; Prof Guowei Ma; Dr David Law; Prof Chun-Qing Li; Prof Zhong Tao; Dr Rackel San Nicolas; Dr Wengui Li; Dr Kwesi Sagoe-Crentsil; Dr Warren South; Prof Tongbo Sui; Dr Phillip Arena; Prof Jannie Van Deventer; Mr Thomas Hanly; Dr Richard Yeo; Mr Brian O'Donnell; Dr Ming Zhou; Mr Nelson Hiscock; Mr Bill Martin; Dr Steve Pascoe; Mr Roland Davies; Dr Yew-Chin Koay; Mr Joel Brown; Mr Fraser Tonner; Prof Surendra Shah; Prof Chien Ming Wang; Dr Redmond Lloyd; Dr Louise Keyte; Mr William Thompson; Asst Prof Claire White; Mr Stephen Darwell

Brief description This research hub aims to develop novel construction materials including binders, cement additives, high-performance concrete materials, concrete structural systems, polymer composites, and pavement materials. The multi-disciplinary hub provides a centralised platform to transform the construction materials industry into an advanced manufacturing sector delivering sustainable and resilient infrastructure assets. The hub intends to develop nanotechnology, cement chemistry, concrete technology and extreme engineering solutions; and to train the next generation of skilled workers, re-positioning Australian industry competitiveness and global market leadership to capture international infrastructure development opportunities.

Funding Amount $5,000,000

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

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