Industrial Transformation Research Hubs - Grant ID: IH140100035 [ 2014 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Aibing Yu; Prof Karen Hapgood; Prof Dongyuan Zhao; Prof Murray Rudman; A/Prof Xuchuan Jiang; A/Prof Cordelia Selomulya; Dr Ruiping Zou; Dr Wenyi Yan; Dr Zongyan Zhou; Dr Baoyu Guo; Dr Yansong Shen; Dr Shibo Kuang; Dr Kaiwei Chu; A/Prof Runyu Yang; A/Prof Haiping Zhu; Dr Qinghua Zeng; Dr Kejun Dong; A/Prof Vladimir Strezov; Prof Guoxiong Wang; Dr Baojun Zhao; Dr Sunny Song; Dr Timothy Evans; Dr Xiaomin Mao; Prof Jinming Zhu; Mr Desheng Hu; Dr Renhu Pan; Prof Liang Fan; Prof Jennifer Curtis; Prof JInghai Li; Prof Richard Williams; Prof Stefan Luding

Brief description This research hub aims to develop and apply advanced theories and mathematical models to design and optimise particulate and multiphase processes that are widely used in the minerals and metallurgical industries. This should be achieved through detailed analysis of the fundamentals governing fluid flow, heat and mass transfer at different time and length scales, facilitated by various novel research techniques. Research outcomes including theories, computer models and simulation techniques, as well as well-trained young researchers, should have a significant impact across a range of industries of vital importance to Australia’s economic and technological future, including the minerals, metallurgical, materials, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical and environment sectors.

Funding Amount $5,000,000

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

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