Industrial Transformation Research Hubs - Grant ID: IH140100013 [ 2014 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Brent Kaiser; Prof Richard Trethowan; A/Prof Ulrike Mathesius; Prof Timothy Colmer; Prof David Day; Dr Matthew Denton; Prof Mark Adams; A/Prof Margaret Barbour; A/Prof Penelope Smith; Dr Andrew Merchant; Dr Helen Bramley; Dr Rosalind Deaker; Dr Timothy Sutton; Prof David Bird; Dr Francis Ogbonnaya

Brief description This research hub aims to provide Australian growers and industrial stakeholders with improved plant materials to maximise production, environmental sustainability and profitability. In particular, the research aims to improve the nitrogen delivery capacity of legumes and their resilience to abiotic stress, which will be an important consideration as our climate changes. Grain legumes are often grown in rotation with cereal crops for their high nutritional seed value and their unique ability to develop a self-sufficient nitrogen-fixing symbiosis with soil bacteria. Maintaining legume productivity against the challenges of climate change and the need for increased food production is important to the future of Australian agriculture.

Funding Amount $3,972,614

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

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