Industrial Transformation Research Hubs - Grant ID: IH130200027 [ 2013 - 2018 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers A/Prof Sigrid Heuer; Dr Maria-Jane Appelbee; Dr Ute Baumann; Dr Nikolai Borisjuk; Dr Nicholas Collins; Dr Delphine Fleury; Dr Stephan Haefele; Dr Juan Juttner; A/Prof Brent Kaiser; Dr Haydn Kuchel; Prof Peter Langridge; Prof Stanley Miklavcic; Dr Daniel Mullan; Dr Mamoru Okamoto

Brief description Plant breeding is based on the use of genetic diversity to generate new combinations of genes or alleles. Advances in genetic analysis can improve the reliability of selection and greatly accelerate the rates of genetic gain achieved in breeding programs. In partnership with wheat breeding companies, this project will deliver advanced technologies, germplasm and information to produce new stress tolerant varieties. Genetic diversity and novel traits will be introduced from exotic germplasm and high-throughput field-phenotyping tools will be developed to assist in selection of superior lines. Strategic research will be targeted towards the development of wheat with combined heat and drought tolerance and maintenance of high grain protein.

Funding Amount $4,308,668

Funding Scheme Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

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