Improving suicide prevention in Australia through better implementation of effective interventions, improved risk identification and evidence informed policy [ 2012 - 2018 ]

Also known as: Reducing suicide in Australia

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Helen Christensen (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Philip Batterham Dr James Butler A/Pr Alison Calear A/Pr Judy Proudfoot
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Brief description Suicide is the most common cause of death in Australians aged 15-44. This ‘Centre for Research Excellence in Suicide Prevention’ aims to bring together leading experts in Australia and New Zealand to undertake the research work needed to determine the best way to deliver interventions to those at risk, to develop better understanding of the complex pathways that lead to suicide, to encourage help seeking and to prioritise which programs and services should be financially supported by Government.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,602,457.40

Funding Scheme Centres of Research Excellence

Notes Centre of Research Excellence - Population Health

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