Improving Identification and Treatment of Early-onset behaviour disorders in children [ 2007 - 2011 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Mark Dadds (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Adrian Falkov Dr David Hawes Dr John Brennan Dr Ruth Urwin
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Brief description Most mental health problems begin in childhood and adolescence. Of these, oppositional-defiant and conduct problems in childhood are the most common precursor of all types of adult mental health problems. These children are the most common referral to child mental health clinics but little is known about which of these children will go in which direction i.e., good health, chronic antisocial behaviour, depression and anxiety, substance abuse, the psychoses. Progress in more accurately defining subgroups of these children would have huge implications for early intervention for mental health problems in our community. This project proposes the first large scale analysis of genetic distributions through to behavioural and treatment factors that characterise and differentiate a large representative sample of children with conduct problems. The project will test a model of child psychopathology that links genotype, via environmental risk and emotion processing problems, to an improved diagnostic-phenotypic model for treatment of the major childhood disorder. Clinical research activities will be structured into three intersecting arms: first, identifying the genetic and behavioural subtypes of early-onset conduct problems; second, innovative treatments for these children, and third, the dissemination of findings to these children and their families via the health care system. The research will build new collaborations between established and internationally recognised clinical research teams in childhood mental health, biological psychiatry, genetics and the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Statewide Network (CAMHSNET). CAMHSNET have specific responsibilities to NSW Health for expert advice and input on the development of child mental health services directions, dissemination, training, and effectiveness research.

Funding Amount $AUD 498,869.47

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes A Healthy Start to Life (for All Australians)

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