Impact of cognitive training on improving emotional and cognitive function: Testing predictors and moderators of treatment response in twins. [ 2013 - 2016 ]

Also known as: Impact of cognitive training on emotional and cognitive function: A twin study.

Research Grant

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Researchers: Miss Kylie Dowd (Principal investigator)

Brief description This project evaluates the effectiveness of a web-based cognitive training tool, MyBrainSolutions, in improving emotional and cognitive function over acute (30 days) and long-term periods (1-year). The impact of the cognitive training on both trained and untrained real-world functions will be investigated, as well as the minimum time commitment required to see improvement. By comparing identical to non-identical twins, a comparison of the relative impact of genetics versus environment in improving scores can be evaluated.

Funding Amount $AUD 97,419.37

Funding Scheme Postgraduate Scholarships

Notes Public Health Postgraduate Scholarship

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