Hydrological modelling of the parafield wetlands for hazard analysis planning

Research Project

Researchers: Dr Baden Myers (Principal investigator of, Principal investigator) ,  Mr David Pezzaniti (Principal investigator of, Principal investigator)

Full description As Australia?s population grows, especially in urban areas, there is increased demand for water supplies for all types of uses. Urban stormwater is a relatively untapped resource that could help us meet future water supply demands. If natural aquifers (any geological formation capable of receiving, storing and transmitting significant quantities of water) are present beneath a city, they may be used for convenient storage and additional treatment of urban stormwater. The MARSUO project used Adelaide as a case study and provided the South Australian Government with information to confidently assess the range of stormwater use options for the city, with particular emphasis on addressing water safety issues and community acceptance.

Data time period: 04 01 2011 to 20 12 2011

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138.6187,-34.76258 138.72896,-34.80633


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