Hot exciton dissociation in donor / acceptor organic solar cells: breaking the efficiency limit of organic photovoltaics [ 2010 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Mozer Dr Attila J; Prof David L Officer; Dr Tracey M Clarke; Dr Gilles Dennler

Brief description Australia will benefit from this project in several key areas with immediate impact. The development of an innovative solar cell architecture through the use of hot exiton dissociation will deliver a potential increase in the maximum achievable power conversion efficiency. The experimental results will significantly advance fundamental knowledge of organic solar cells. This has significant economic benefits by making these solar cells more affordable and also opening up the opportunity to use new materials unconstrained by existing proprietary interests. The training of personnel will contribute towards solving the biggest challenge facing the solar industry in Australia: lack of skilled personnel in a highly specialised industry.

Funding Amount $324,364

Funding Scheme Linkage Projects

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