Historical aerial photographs of Australia's coastline

Researchers: Kippo, Hiski (Point of contact) ,  Kirkman, Hugh, Dr (Originator of) ,  Pearce, Alan, Dr (Custodian of)

Brief description Hard-copy black & white / colour aerial photographs were obtained by Hugh Kirkman from a variety of sources for many locations along Australia's coastline. There are 24 boxes of photographs containing 100's of historical photographs.

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Lineage Statement: Hard copy aerial photographs were collected from various sources by Hugh Kirkman and are stored at CSIRO (Floreat) where Valerie Pearce has indexed these aerial photographs in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Notes Credit
Valerie Pearce

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Australian Survey Office (now Geoscience Australia)

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Kevron (now Fugro)

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NSW Department of Lands

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Western Australian Government

Data time period: 1944-02-01 to 1985-09-18

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154,-9 154,-44 112,-44 112,-9 154,-9


text: westlimit=112; southlimit=-44; eastlimit=154; northlimit=-9

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Original copyright held by organisation who collected the aerial photography